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Private landlord in Zella-Mehlis Privatvermietung Baier

Privatvermietung Baier (Zella-Mehlis) cyclist-friendly secluded tv set barbecue grill

house description:
Living room, bedroom and bathroom with toilet (extra bed for child). Located in residential estate, quiet outskirts of Zella-Mehlis. Use of garden including at the foot of the Rennsteig in close proximity to Oberhof and Suhl. Ideally hiking or winter vacation. Enjoy Thuringian hospitality.
pricing conditions:
Accommodation. f 1 person 1 U 35, - EUR / day Accommodation. from 3 nights per pers. / day 19.50 EUR Accommodation. up to 2 nights per pers. / day 25,00 EUR Adults tax 0.50 EUR, 0.25 EUR Children For rent single room price by arrangement

booking request
Private landlord
min. price: 19.50 €
categorisation: ***
beds: 2
journey description:

cyclist-friendly, secluded, tv set, barbecue grill,
Privatvermietung Baier
Lothar und Steffi Baier
Am Sportplatz 19
98544 Zella-Mehlis
phone: +49 (0) 3682 482273
fax: +49 (0) 3682 4523030
email: send inquiry