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Private landlord in Unterweißbach Privatvermieter Henkel

Privatvermieter Henkel (Unterweißbach) secluded

house description:
Apartment in the main house, seperate room in the house next door. Quiet and idyllic location, delivery of large garden with a terrace for guests, hiking trails in many directions.
pricing conditions:
Apartment 45 sqm 2 adults / 2 children from 45 € / A- ness and night. All Capacities incl Free Transf to the station.

booking request
Private landlord
min. price: 30.00 €
categorisation: -
beds: 4
journey description:
Privatvermieter Henkel
Familie Henkel
Oberweißbacher Straße 11
98744 Unterweißbach
phone: 036730 28133
email: send inquiry